2017 Champions crowned

The O'Pen Bic World Championship 2017 has gotten to a close at Circolo Vela Arco with the unchallanged victory of Sean Herbert, for the U17 category.
Lisa Nukui (Jap) placed second (first woman) while the third position went to Lennart Frohmann (Den).  4° Kristen Wadley (Aus), 5° Giorgio Bona (Ita), 6° Theo Michez (Fra), 7° Giovanni Matteotti (Ita), 8° Kanoa Pick (Usa), 9° Gavin Ball (Usa), 10° Will Drew (Aus), 19° Charlotte Rizo (Fra) 2° woman, 21° Rebecca Brolli 3° woman.

In the U13 category, the showdown between Mathias Coutts and Pol Font Reyero saw Coutts emerge victorious, leaving the second place to Reyero while Jenna Everett won the third, (1° womann). 4° Zeno Valerio Marchesini della Fraglia Vela Malcesine; 5° John Lattanzi (Usa), 6° Hamish Cowell (Aus), 7° Giovanni Santi (Ita),8° Giorgia Bonalana (Ita seconda femminile), 9° Breanne Wadley (Aus terzxa femminile), 10° Jeanne De Kat (Fra)

The last session of trials of the O'Pen Bic World Championship 2017 has been thrilling and filled with adrenaline as the others. The competition among the athletes didn't slack and the desire to sail and win remained strong up to the last trial. It was a great tournament and a good international-level competition for this new class of sailing boat, which has been cutting out a place for itself in both sailing clubs and sailing events all over the world. The O'Pen Bic is a boat both fast and light, ideal for learning how to sail and that has been praised for this by Russell Coutts himself, who was with his son at Circolo Vela Arco.
Starting as a confrontation between Italy and New Zealand alone, the last few days of the competition saw French, Australian, Spanish and Danish athletes reach the top tiers as well, after adapting to the peculiar characteristics of the Garda Lake.

The curtain falls on the O'Pen Bic 2017 World Championship held in the waters in front of Circolo Vela Arco, which organized the international event also thanks to the support of World Sailing, Federazione Italiana Vela (Fiv) and many other sponsors - Coni, Garda Trentino, Comune di Arco, Trentino, Rigoni di Asiago, Cassa Rurale Alto Garda, Negrinautica and Stuffer among them. Starting from July 31st the event brought on Trentino's shores of the Garda Lake no less than 187 young athletes - organized in the two categories of U13 and U17 - competing to earn the title of O'Pen Bic World Champion. The thirteen nations taking part to the championship (Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland, United States and, of course, Italy)brought over 500 people - the athletes of course, but also their technical staffs and families - from all over the world to the lower part of Trentino. All these people will carry good memories at home with them, also thanks to the organization of Circolo Vela Arco. With its well prepared staff - used to organizing event of national relevance - Circolo Vela Arco contributed to satisfy all the needs of its international guests during the week of the Championship.
It has been a sizable, high level sporting event, the young age of the athletes competing notwithstanding. The arena of the competition, the Garda Lake, didn't leave anything to be desired: all the programmed racing days went down as programmed under the auspices of the local wind, Ora.  
The racing field chosen, located in the midst of Trentino's part of the Lake, allowed Circolo Vela Arco's staff to set off the start sequences without any hitches, making for a clean competition respectful of all athletes.
Beside the sporting side of it, the O'Pen Bic World Championship was capable of transforming itself in a festive occasion for all people involved, the young athletes and their families as well as the members of the staff; to say goodbye on a note of friendship and conviviality, Friday evening was topped off with a huge dinner for all the people attending the Championship.

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