Report day 2

The championship has just begun and Italy and New Zealand are already in a heated duel.
Ranking first in this first day of trials of the O'Pen Bic World championship hosted by Circolo Vela Arco was Giorgio Bona, member of the Circolo itself, who was first in two trials and fourth in another. In the U13 category the heir of Russell Coutts, Mathias Coutts, was the unchallanged winner of the day, placing himself first three times in a row.

The first day was extremely positive for Russell Coutts' heir, who placed first showing his ability to deftly manoeuvre on the waters of the Garda Trentino under the watchful eye of his father and trainer.

It's the second day of the O'Pen Bic world championship, being hosted by Cirolo Vela Arco. After the opening day on July 31st - with the participating nation's parade through the streets of Arco's old town center and the selection race, which defined the starting order of the athletes - yesterday the first trials of the competition where held, trials which will culminate on August the 5th in the selection of the best O'Pen Bic sailor in the world. Federazione Italiana Vela (Fiv) has only recently added the O'Pen Bic class to the federal categories, and is devoting much interest and effort on it in hopes of giving a new sporting and competitive approach to youth sailing. Indeed these lightweight crafts, though open, agile and easy to steer are still capable of imprinting in the younger generations of sailors the deepest and truest spirit of agonistic sporting sailing. The first day of trials was anything but crucial, but outlined from the very beginning the competitive spirit of all the participating athletes, 187 potential world champions hailing from twelve different countries (Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland, United States of America and, of course, Italy). Of these, on the starting line of the first trials for the yearned title, there were 132 Under 17 athletes and 55 Under 13; already the Garda Trentino starts colouring itself in white and red, distinctive colours of these small and ever more common crafts. The starting signal came at one pm and gave way to 3 trials, held with an average wind speed of 13/14 knots. The italians started of on the right foot, occupying the top half of the rankings. The France also raced very well, followed by the Australia and New Zeland. All the nations represented showed their wish to actively compete to place their athletes at the apex of the competition. The young athletes fought and raced very well, showing great skill against the Garda's most famous wind, Ora. And if theirs was a demanding day spent under the warmth of the sun, landfall was luckily followed for all two hundred of them by a generous serving of delicious pasta and a ruffle of small but meaningful prizes homage of the sponsors of the tournament: Coni, Fiv, World Sailing, Garda Trentino, Comune di Arco, Trentino, Rigoni di Asiago (whose mascot was also attending) Cassa Rurale Alto Garda, Negri Nautica, Stuffer and the international O’Pen Bic class. The first signal to get the boats in the water for today - August 2nd - will be given in the morning, and as many trials will be held as wind and weather will allow. These will again be followed by a pasta party and by another generous ruffle of daily prizes. Everything is going according to schedule at Circolo Vela Arco, thanks to its well trained staff which received its seasonal breaking-in in international-level sailing competitions such as the Nacra World Championship and the European Class A championship.